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Cardano – The Altcoin That Secured 19x Gains Within 9 Months

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that has managed to garner a tremendous amount of fan following in a short time due to its surge in price. This famous altcoin was founded by Charles Hoskinson, who was one of the initial five founding members of Ethereum. ADA has a live market cap of $65.43 billion, a […]

What BCDC Discord Members Think About Our Signals’ Accuracy

Blockchain and Digital Currencies steal the show when it comes to our highly accurate crypto signals. We deliver spot-on signals and have a proven record of spotting manipulations, crashes, price spikes, uptrends, and downtrends with perfect precision. No wonder our BCDC discord members have nothing but good things to say about our efforts. Wondering why […]

Zahid Hussain – A Stone of Hope for The Pakistani Youth

When it comes to generosity, Zahid Hussain, the founder of BCDC, is the real superhero of the youth. He has made his way to the people’s hearts with his selfless efforts, and seeing them flourish in becoming financially free is all the motivation he needs. Wondering what the catch is in this all? Well, the […]

Team Blockchain and Digital Currencies Spotting Crashes Like A Pro

The conventional ways of doing things are inevitably moving towards digitalization; everything has become paperless, from digital assets to transferring money. The most recent addition to the digital payment sector is crypto, making the money transfer process a seamless one. Due to crypto’s immense resourcefulness and it being an incredible investment opportunity, more and more […]

BCDC Scoring Some Incredible Feats by Providing 10x Gains Within Two Months

Blockchain and Digital Currencies (BCDC) by Zahid Hussain have become a symbol of trust and accuracy in the Pakistani crypto community. We feel pride in providing thousands of crypto signals with nearly perfect accuracy, which is remarkable in itself considering the mass manipulation and volatility of the crypto market. Are you just getting into the […]

Blockchain And Digital Currencies Working for The Greater Good

To hone a trade, you need to learn everything there is to know about it. The same is the case with cryptocurrency; if you want to become a skilled trader, you have to learn cryptocurrency! There are plenty of free resources available on the internet like watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts of crypto experts, […]

Is Joining a Crypto Community Worth it?

In a word, if you truly want to learn cryptocurrency and become a successful trader equipped with all sorts of neat techniques, then yes, it is totally worth it! While joining a crypto community, you need to be wary that the community consists of a professional team that knows what they are doing. The team’s […]

Blockchain & Digital Currencies’ Accuracy in Predicting Important Dates

We are well aware that blockchain technology has gained massive popularity in a short period, with recent developments, updates, and breaking news hitting the crypto market daily. For an average crypto enthusiast, it can become a bit challenging to stay updated with everything going on and interpret it accordingly with high precision. Expert crypto traders […]

The Resourcefulness of Crypto Trading Signals

Getting near to the level of perfection in crypto trading could take years of effort. If you are a newbie or even if you have been in the game for years, you would be better off taking assistance from the big names in crypto, well known for providing accurate crypto signals. You might be wondering […]