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Our Vision

Our vision for youth

We at Naz Capital primarily aim to empower youth and their families by providing them with a world class platform to acquire financial education, training and skills development. This is absolutely vital for anyone to succeed in becoming self-sufficient, independant and financially free.
Since the beginning of the year 2021, we have helped over 50,000 members to earn a living online, develop skills and understanding of the financial markets and are proud to claim that we are among the best analysts in the entire crypto industry.

Our main focus
We are focused at providing youth with the knowledge and opportunities to changes their lives for the better
We are Pragmatic
Our approach to the financial markets is based on external sources more than one dimensional key factors which makes it safer, fun and secure for our members.
Impeccable Record
With over 13 years of combined experience in the financial markets and an extra-ordinary record, specifically in the crypto industry, we are one of the fastest growing community with over 96% accuracy. This is by far unchallenged and incomparable.
Visionary founder

Zahid Hussain Naz

A short intro.

Zahid Hussain Naz, known as one of the top crypto influencers and analyst throughout Pakistan.

He is well known for his skills to analyze the market structure, price predictions and accuracy rate well above 96% since the creation of his group called – Blockchain and digital currencies.
Zahid Hussain Naz is also the founder of Blockchain and digital currencies and CEO at Naz Consulting ApS in Denmark where he currently resides.
He is an expert in finance, global economy and the existing monetary (FIAT) system. Zahid Hussain Naz started his journey as a crypto-currency investor during late 2015 to early 2016 and decided to help beginners in crypto community since November 2020. He realized that his expertise in the field could be very beneficial for the crypto community and since then has helped over 50,000 members on different social media platforms including Facebook, twitter and his private discord groups and plans to continue this journey for as long as it may last.