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When it comes to generosity, Zahid Hussain, the founder of BCDC, is the real superhero of the youth. He has made his way to the people’s hearts with his selfless efforts, and seeing them flourish in becoming financially free is all the motivation he needs.

Wondering what the catch is in this all? Well, the catch is there is no catch!

Team BCDC by Zahid Hussain is moving forward with one goal only: to help as many people as possible become independent traders, which would help them meet their financial goals.

Let’s dive into the details of what Zahid Hussain and the team have been up to.

Giving Out $50K In Airdrops

This huge number might come off as a surprise to most of you, but it’s true that team BCDC by Zahid Hussain has given out $50K in airdrops alone.

We feel proud of being the best crypto community and providing a chance to the group members to have fun and win hefty bonuses along the way. The only reason we continue to give out more and more is to keep the BCDC members motivated and provide them a reason to be happy in these financially challenging times.

Helping The Youth with Their Trades and Saving Them from Liquidation

We excel in everything when it comes to cryptocurrency, and helping our group members have successful trades with considerable gains is one of them.

In October, coins like NU, SFP, UFO, among others, helped land our members 2x-10x gains and that too within 2-3 months. That’s nothing but exceptional!

What good are these profits if it all gets washed up in crashes, right? Zahid Hussain, the man in charge, makes sure that not only the members have excellent trades but also calls the crashes timely with the exact dates, which saves our BCDC members from liquidation.

The BCDC community has witnessed this countless times, and a similar thing happened on 28th October where Zahid Hussain warned the community about a chance of a crash. And that is exactly what happened; within some hours, the market crashed with $60 million liquidated in total.

Providing Immense Value in The Form of Free Trainings

Zahid Hussain’s big-heartedness holds no bounds, and that is why he didn’t stop at providing big sums of airdrops. Zahid Hussain and team BCDC are giving back to the community by providing free training sessions worth $250.

Team BCDC has selected over 300 members for training sessions worth $75,000 of value given out for free. We have set our aim to provide 1000 members a chance to get free training and to learn from the best in crypto.

All the moderators, along with the other members of team BCDC, are being paid for their services, which goes out of the pocket of Zahid Hussain.

This means the founder of BCDC, instead of making these communities a money-making machine which he rightly could, is investing in the members. He is doing that only to make the members self-sufficient and experts of crypto trading themselves.

BCDC’s Founder Being a Shining Light for The Youth

The difficult time that we are going through economically has put the working class and especially the youth under a great deal of stress. A handful of people truly understand what the people are going through and act for their betterment.

Zahid Hussain is among the very few people who is working constantly to give back to the Pakistani crypto community. For that purpose, he has given out around $100K since January to the BCDC Facebook and discord members in the form of airdrops and training giveaways. He is also well-known for donating to the needy and being someone the youth can always rely on.

Team BCDC’s main focus is on training the youth. We believe that a well filled with money could dry up eventually if spent unwisely, but a well filled with knowledge and modern-day skills would never dry up and could be a constant source of bread and butter for an individual. One of the reasons Zahid Hussain and his team are giving their best on training the BCDC members.

Final Words

BCDC by Zahid Hussain is a top name in the crypto sphere. If you are going through a rough patch financially and want to do something about it, joining the BCDC community would be the way to go!

Sign up for the BCDC community today and leave all your worries to us!

If you have any crypto-related queries, hop on to our website and get in touch with us.

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