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Blockchain and Digital Currencies (BCDC) by Zahid Hussain have become a symbol of trust and accuracy in the Pakistani crypto community. We feel pride in providing thousands of crypto signals with nearly perfect accuracy, which is remarkable in itself considering the mass manipulation and volatility of the crypto market.

Are you just getting into the exciting world of cryptocurrency and don’t know where to start? Then joining our BCDC community on different social platforms would be your best bet!

Educating Our Community to Learn Cryptocurrency

Our prime focus is helping our community members make tremendous gains and setting them on a path of becoming independent traders. This way, they can generate their own crypto signals and achieve financial freedom within no time!

We are working on our vision of empowering the youth, and for that purpose, we have selected 100 members from our Facebook group to teach them to trade free of charge. Wondering what the catch is? Well, there isn’t one; we want the young minds of Pakistan to become the best when it comes to crypto trading and being self-sufficient in these challenging times.

NuCypher The Sleeping Giant!

NuCypher (NU) witnessed a 10x gain in less than 24 hours! Yes, you heard it right!

BCDC members enjoyed a tremendous gain on NU which was given as a mid-long-term spot hold. NU reached an all-time-high (ATH) of $2.76 within 24 hours and secured 10x gains for our group members.

NU was given by none other than Zahid Hussain on 27th August, and it soared to its ATH in less than 2 months. It couldn’t get better than this!

SafePal Filling the Pockets of BCDC Members with Considerable Gains

SafePal (SFP) is another remarkable crypto signal given out by team BCDC that provided 3x gains to our group members in almost two months.

This gem of a coin was given to the members on 10th August with a buy range of $0.98-$1.07 and a huge TP of $2.3. SFP rose to $3.16 on 13th October, marking incredible gains for the group members who were holding this beauty.

Final Words

If you are in search of a community that provides spot-on crypto signals with high accuracy, then putting your faith in Naz Capital by Zahid Hussain should be a wise choice!

We are famous for staying one step ahead of the crypto market and spotting manipulations to make the best out of an opportunity. What you have witnessed above in the form of incredible gains is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to follow.

Join our BCDC discord community for highly accurate crypto signals that would for sure make you some big bucks!

If you have any queries, contact our world-class customer support and let us do what we do best!

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